Emerging Affiliate Platforms Shake Up the Industry

Emerging Affiliate Platforms Shake Up the Industry

The affiliate marketing industry is seeing disruption from new technology platforms offering innovative approaches. Publishers and advertisers should pay close attention to these emerging players like Pepperjam and Impact, who are challenging traditional affiliate networks.

Pepperjam is making waves with its simplified, streamlined interface and advanced tracking and attribution capabilities. The platform provides transparency into visitor lifecycles and granular performance insights that help publishers optimize their promotions. Pepperjam also offers robust coupon and deal integration.

Impact take a unique partnership approach. They offer in-depth affiliate program audits, strategic consultations, and hands-on guidance to help brands maximize results. With personalized service and insights, Impact goes beyond the self-serve network model to actively collaborate with advertisers.

These new platforms provide value in different ways:

  • Intuitive dashboards and attribution modeling that yield actionable performance insights.
  • Coupon integration and other tools to help drive conversions.
  • Consultative partnerships focused on optimizing programs.
  • Advanced tracking of customer journeys across channels.
  • Innovative commission models like pay-per-call and CPA pricing.

The affiliate landscape used to be dominated by a few major networks like Commission Junction and LinkShare. But new technology-driven platforms are emerging to meet the demand for more data, transparency, and flexibility.

While the established networks still hold advantages in reach, these new players give advertisers and publishers added choice. And their innovative features raise the bar for the types of value affiliate platforms need to provide.

The disruption illustrates affiliate marketing’s continued evolution into a data-driven channel. Keep an eye on rising startups and how they are pushing the industry forward with new capabilities.

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