Affiliate Program Management : Best practices

Affiliate Program Management : Best practices

Congratulations on launching your affiliate program! Now comes the exciting part – managing it effectively to maximize results and foster fruitful partnerships with your publishers. To help you navigate this dynamic world of affiliate marketing, we’ve curated essential best practices to keep your program running like a well-oiled machine. Let’s dive in and discover the key tasks you need to perform regularly to ensure the success of your affiliate program.

1. Check the Level of Sales – Daily Affirmation

Monitoring your sales performance is essential to stay on top of your game. Start your day by reviewing the Monthly Performance graph and the Performance Over Time report. Any significant drop in sales might indicate an issue that requires further investigation. Being proactive in identifying potential challenges ensures you can swiftly address them and maintain a thriving affiliate program.

2. Process Publisher Applications – Your Daily Mission

For advertisers using manual approval, processing publisher applications should be a daily priority. Review pending publishers and either approve or decline their applications. Keep an eye out for relevance – if their primary URL appears irrelevant, they might have other intentions in promoting you. In case you need to decline an application, kindly explain the reason in the rejection box for transparency.

3. Validate Publisher Commissions – Speed Matters

Frequent validation of publisher commissions is the key to keeping your affiliates engaged. By validating their earnings promptly, you encourage them to work more closely with your program. If you have a high sales volume, consider batch validation to streamline the process efficiently.

4. Maintain an Updated Product Datafeed – Weekly Tidying

For advertisers with product feeds, it’s crucial to keep them updated. Verify that you’re always passing correct prices in your feed and ensure new products are accurately mapped. If your product information frequently changes, opt for an automated datafeed upload method with the network to stay on top of your game.

5. Engage in Regular Publisher Communication – Keep the Bond Strong

Open and effective communication with your publishers is the lifeline of your affiliate program. Keep them informed about your best selling products, offers, and discounts. Updates to your program and incentives should be communicated to maximize exposure. A Communication Center proves to be a valuable tool for seamless communication. For your top-performing publishers, consider establishing a direct line of communication via email or phone for a more personalized approach.

6. Develop Your Publisher Relationships – Nurturing Bonds

Invest time in building strong relationships with your publishers. Discuss targets, bonuses, or private commissions (if applicable) with them. For your top performers, adopt a direct line of communication via email or telephone to foster a closer connection.

7. Manage and Upload New Creative – A Toolbox of Innovation

Empower your publishers with the latest and most appealing banner creative. Ensure that new banners are available in the Toolbox section of your account, and never delete existing ones – always update them with fresh, eye-catching designs to keep your program fresh and enticing.

8. Alert Awin of Any Website Changes – Smooth Tracking

Keep Awin informed of any technical changes to your site, such as URL/domain modifications. This ensures tracking remains accurate and uninterrupted, safeguarding the integrity of your affiliate program.

9. Discount Codes – The Sweet Allure

Be generous with discount codes to entice customers and engage your publishers. Regularly upload generic discount codes via the My Offers tool. Additionally, consider providing bespoke codes for specific publishers and enable Voucher Attribution to track their effectiveness.

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10. Update Profile of New Contact Details – Stay Reachable

As your team evolves, remember to update any new contact details in your program profile. This ensures your publishers have the correct information to reach out and collaborate efficiently.

Conclusion: By embracing these best practices, you’ll master the art of managing your affiliate program like a seasoned professional. Consistent monitoring, open communication, and effective use of tools will lay the foundation for a thriving affiliate ecosystem, maximizing your program’s success and nurturing fruitful relationships with your publishers. Embrace these tasks as part of your daily and weekly routine, and watch your affiliate program flourish to new heights of excellence and profitability. Happy affiliate marketing!

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