The Affiliate Program of the Month:

The Affiliate Program of the Month:

This month we’re highlighting Tiqets, a leading platform for booking museum and attraction tickets. Available via Awin, the Tiqets affiliate program offers up to 6% commission along with great benefits for your audience.

About Tiqets

Founded in 2014, Tiqets’ mission is to make culture more accessible by helping people discover and enjoy museums and attractions worldwide. The Amsterdam-based company partners with venues to provide instant, last-minute and mobile-first ticket booking.

With over 4,700 products in 60+ countries, Tiqets offers tickets to top museums, historic sites, tours, shows and more. Some popular options include the Louvre, Vatican Museums, Burj Khalifa, Museum of Modern Art, and Universal Studios.

Why Promote Tiqets?

Benefits for your audience:

  • Instant mobile ticket confirmation
  • Real-time availability for last-minute bookings
  • “Skip the line” tickets at some venues
  • Tours, experiences and combo deals to enhance visits
  • Available in 14 languages with 15 payment options
  • 24/7 customer support

Benefits for you as an affiliate:

  • Up to 6% commission on all bookings
  • 30-day cookie duration
  • Dedicated affiliate team support and insights
  • Wide range of cultural products appeals to global audience
  • Popular venues and city passes maximize conversions

How to Promote Tiqets?

Content and deals are key. Help your audience plan trips and save money:

  • Create city guides and suggest Tiqets for multiple attractions
  • Share combo deals and experience packages
  • Highlight skip-the-line or exclusive access opportunities
  • Offer promo codes and discounts when available. For instance, promote an efficient way a discount code valid on a theme park available on

Talk about the convenience of mobile tickets and real-time availability for spontaneous travelers. Provide options – link directly to venue pages so they can chooseticket add-ons.

Most importantly, focus on providing value through your content. Tiqets makes it easy for you to enhance it.

How can I join the Tiqets affiliate program on Awin?

Here are the steps to join the Tiqets affiliate program on Awin:

1. Create an account on

  • Go to and click “Join Now”
  • Fill out the signup form with your info and payment details
  • Accept the terms and conditions

2. Search for the Tiqets program

  • In the search bar, type “Tiqets” and click enter
  • Click “Apply Now” on the Tiqets program listing

3. Fill out the Tiqets application

  • Provide your website and traffic details
  • Explain your promotional plans and previous affiliate experience
  • Accept Tiqets’ terms and conditions

4. Get approved

  • Tiqets will review your application within a few business days
  • Once approved, you’ll receive an email confirmation from Awin

5. Generate your affiliate links

  • In your Awin account, find Tiqets under “Your programs”
  • Click “Promote” to create text, image, or API links

6. Add links to your site

  • Place Tiqets links within relevant content
  • Ensure links are visually compliant with Tiqets’ guidelines

7. Track and optimize

  • Use your Awin dashboard to monitor clicks, sales, commissions
  • Refine which links/placements convert best over time

Is there a minimum requirement for website traffic to join the Tiqets affiliate program?

Based on Tiqets’ affiliate program information, there does not appear to be a strict minimum traffic requirement to join as an affiliate. However, they do expect affiliates to have:

  • An established website, social media account or email list with a significant reach
  • Quality content that would be relevant for promoting Tiqets products
  • Sufficient website traffic or audience size to drive a reasonable volume of sales

While Tiqets does not publicize an exact number, most similar affiliate programs prefer applicants to have at least 1,000-5,000 visits per month. The key aspects they evaluate are:

  • The size of your audience and engagement levels
  • The relevance of your content and traffic to their products
  • Your capabilities to promote Tiqets effectively through different channels

In the application, focus on showcasing your audience quality and highlighting your promotional plans. Smaller sites can still provide value to advertisers in their niche.

Even without major traffic levels, you can convey potential value through:

  • Active email lists and social media followers in your topic area
  • Partnerships or outreach with influencers who can help promote
  • SEO and keyword targeting to attract relevant search traffic
  • Compelling multimedia content and savvy promotion skills

Emphasize your capabilities as an affiliate marketer versus just traffic numbers. Deliver a pitch tailored to Tiqets on how you can connect them to the right travelers. That can make you an attractive partner applicant!

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